The Differences between Male and Female French Bulldogs

I am often asked if there notable difference between male and female Frenchies, i.e., is one easier to house break, friendlier, smarter, easier to train, more affectionate, better looking, etc. than the other?

Some of you may have a hard time deciding whether a male or female French Bulldog will make the best companion for you and your family. And the most important thing to know is that the personality of a French Bulldog is dependent on their raising and very little on their gender. Meaning, there are no noticeable differences in personalities between Male French Bulldogs and Female French Bulldogs when they are spayed or neuter at an appropriate age.


All of our Frenchies are very friendly; they LOVE people and are extremely affectionate and good with kids. Both males and females are very smart and relatively easy to train, including kennel training and housebreaking.

Every French Bulldog male or female, like every human being, is blessed with an individual personality that makes him/her unique and special, and gender does not seem to be a significant determining factor. While all of our Frenchies LOVE people and get along very well with each other, there are some very interesting differences among them personality wise. They range from outgoing to shy, from very active to very laid back, from bold to cautious, from dominant to submissive, from excitable to calm, from inquisitive to satisfied. Certainly, a good part of a Frenchie’s personality is determined by his/her environment, but some of it is present at birth and starts coming out at only a few weeks of age. But, every Frenchie is so unique and special – we love them all.

The important thing to remember is that neutered and spayed Frenchies make the best pets. They will have fewer health risks and will not have some of the annoying habits that intact males and female exhibit such as marking territory, humping your neighbor’s leg, soiling the rug, having big mood swings, being a flight risk.

Physical Characteristics

The difference between male and female French Bulldogs is typically in their looks. Physically, males generally have larger heads and are bigger and bullier looking (though a few of our females have looked just as bully as most of our males). On average they can weigh 2-4 pounds heavier than their female counterparts. The females tend to be a little more petite and slim, but I have seen many females grow to be larger than their brothers.

It is a matter of individual preference; while some like big and bully, others like small and petite.


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