Training your Frenchie

French Bulldog Training

French Bulldogs are very people oriented dogs and they love to please, we have found that they are fairly easy to train. They can be a little stubborn, but so can just about every other breed. If you make training into games for your French Bulldog, he or she will want to play all the time.

From an intelligence standpoint, French Bulldogs do quite well compared with the non-sporting breeds and they are the most intelligent among the bulldog breeds. According to the charts, they are about mid-range on the list which includes all breeds.

The bottom line is that these are quite intelligent little dogs who want to please, so if you do your part with your Frenchie, he or she will respond and learn well.


French Bulldog Potty Training

There are two main rules when it comes to housebreaking your French Bulldog.


Confinement means that until your dog is housebroken, he is never allowed to walk freely around the house.

You can confine your dog in a crate, a pen, or by using baby gates to section off a small space (mud room, laundry room, kitchen). He needs to stay in this space every minute of every hour of every day – unless you’re sitting with him, playing with him or watching him play, walking him, feeding him, grooming him, teaching him, or otherwise interacting with him.

And I do understand that this is a tough one for most people, I know. It is so tempting to just let the puppy loose to run and play while you chat on the phone or answer email or watch the basketball game on TV. But if you let a non-housebroken puppy (or adult dog) loose in the house when you’re doing something else, even if you think you’re “watching” him, he can go to the bathroom on your floor – and the bad habit is begun. It’s far better to prevent the accident than to catch him and correct him after the act.

Rule #2: Regular or constant access to the RIGHT place to go

You must take your dog outside on a regular basis – every few hours – or else install a doggy door for your dog to take himself outside at will, into a potty yard. Your third option is to provide an indoor bathroom – newspapers or (for very small dogs) a litter box.

Your dog must have SOMEWHERE to “go” when he needs to go. Otherwise he will “go” wherever he happens to be at the time….and this won’t be his fault.

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