How to Remedy your French Bulldog’s Dry Nose in 3 Days

As summer slowly ends and fall creeps in, you may notice a difference in the dryness of your French Bulldog’s nose. Nose licking alone may not be as effective against cold weather and dry conditions as it is in more humid weather. Deep cracks from a keratin overgrowth may form on your dog’s nose, making the nose appear slightly larger, off-color and dry. This condition, known as Nasal Hyperkeratosis, can be treated at home within three days.


Day One
Day Two
Day Three

There are many products on the market for dry noses, but we personally use Snout Soother. Apply the product on your Frenchie’s nose two times a day for three days. Over time, the keratin overgrowth can become brittle and fall off. At the end of the third day, use a soft cloth to test if the crust is beginning to fall off. Your French Bulldog may need more applications, so keep this regimented schedule until you see results. Once you see the results, continue to apply the product once a week to maintain a moist nose. 

Dogs rely on wet noses to help regulate their body temperature and to help them interpret the world with their sense of smell. For these reasons, your Frenchie may feel a slight discomfort with an excessively dry nose. If your dog is acting sick in addition to having a dry nose, schedule a check up with your veterinarian.

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Written by Katie, Co-Founder of Austin French Bulldogs

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