Why French Bulldogs are Great with Kids and Essential Tips for Introductions

A question we get a lot is if French Bulldogs get along well with kids. The answer is a resounding yes! There are many reasons why your Frenchie will find a friend with your kids, but we’ll stick to highlighting three reasons here: their gentle temperament, their innate tendencies as compassionate attention seekers and their ability to quickly to mirror your level of activeness. We’ll also explore ways to properly introduce your kids to your new French Bulldog.

It is easy to see why we fall in love with those adorable bat ears, wrinkled face and small nose, but moreover you’ll see that your Frenchie has the emotional intelligence to be loyal and gentle with your kids. For the best results, we recommend introducing your French Bulldog to your kids as a puppy. Adopting an older French Bulldog who isn’t used to children may be easily irritated by a young child’s unintentional tendencies to be too rough, or too invasive. When your French Bulldog has the opportunity to grow up with your kids, they learn to be more patient.

French Bulldogs thrive on human contact, so having a kid who is eager to play and provide the undivided attention that they crave so much will improve your French Bulldog’s happiness and behavior. French Bulldogs are loyal and compassionate by nature and when your Frenchie grows up with your children they will also become protective guardians. Keep your French Bulldog well socialized by going to the dog park and regularly introduce them to new people. A Frenchie that is accustomed to strangers will make your family’s and your dog’s life a much happier one.

French Bulldogs were bred to be indoor companion dogs and as such their small bodies don’t require a lot of exercise in order to maintain a good physique. Your Frenchie will enjoy playtime outside without getting too rambunctious, but will be equally as happy curling up on the couch with you making this breed suitable for older and younger kids. Frenchies are notably adaptable to your level of activeness due to the fact that they love to please.

When introducing your children to your French Bulldog, make sure that you are there to supervise the whole time. If you have younger kids, make sure that they are picking them up right behind their front legs, then holding them securely with both arms. NEVER drop your French Bulldog, instead place them gently on the ground so that all four paws touch down at once. Your Frenchie will quickly feel more at home if you teach your children to approach them from the front and to gently pet them from front to back.

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Written by Katie, Co-Founder of Austin French Bulldogs

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